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We have been spending the last couple months getting our house ready to go on the market. What a huge job. And the amount of time we spend working on stuff for Puddletown is appalling. We are a least a month behind just from square dancing commitments. I tried to get us out of all of them for Memorial Day weekend, but I couldn't get a replacement caller for Ron.

I gave up on purging and just threw everything into boxes when we shifted a bunch of our belongings offsite a few weeks ago. I know all the moving web sites say you should get rid of things first, and everyone has told us that over and over, but I finally had to stop letting people should on me and just do it. If i had tried to sort and purge none of it every would have happened. I need lots of room (physical and psychological) to sort, and that is what we are short on. The nice thing though is that I have a clear idea of what is going to goodwill on the other end.

Getting the moving pod was an adventure in itself. We had to get a city street permit which was a completely opaque process for a non-contractor. Then the POD had to go someplace different than the permit said because we hadn't taken the power lines overhead into account. (I asked the pod driver (who was cue-the-bad-disco-soundtrack good looking) why they don't ask about that in the otherwise detailed pod placement instructions and he said, "the home office is in Texas, everything is 20 feet in the air there.")

The POD we got was supposed to hold a 1200 square foot house. We got about a third of our stuff into it, (our house is 1000 square feet) including our big couch. That does include a lot of stuff out of the attic though.

We did not get as much as we wanted done over memorial day since including the Friday night club dance I couldn't get him out of, Ron was calling for a wedding on Sunday, and a demo on Monday evening (which is an entire cranky post on its own.) Our friend Mike came over and helped us a lot on Saturday. He has done a lot of contracting and was able to head off a disaster in putting the new floor in the Main bathroom (he helped Ron make a template of the floor and when it was laid on the linoleum we had bought, it was clear that the the piece was way too small rather than the quarter inch too small we thought it was. Mike knew right where to go to get a replacement product and the floor was installed an hour later vs. the weekend long, jury-rigged project it would have been otherwise. He also got me over a huge chunk of weeding outside so now that does not seem so overwhelming. We owe him a huge bottle of really good scotch.

So, what is left is:

Getting all the trim up in the living room. (We borrowed an air gun nailer thing, so that should go much faster than it has in all the other rooms.)

Another round of touch-up paint.

Replacing sink in Main Bathroom.

Painting trim in Master Bathroom.

Installing the Mirror in the entry hall.

Finishing the weeding and general outdoors sprucing up.

General cleaning and staging of the entire house.

Calling trashbusters to get the final round of construction debris removed.

Make the back gate fixes permanent (it has been tacked together with scrap lumber since a storm broke it a couple years ago. It needs to be rebuilt, but that can be a nice project for the next owners.)

More cleaning.

and I think we will be ready in time to list on the 9th.

We have some projects for while the house is being shown, but they are minor cosmetic things that no one will notice in an initial look through.


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