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The first time I used AmazonFresh I was just giving it a try. We had seen the truck in our neighborhood and I couldn't resist a new thing to order from Amazon! The food arrived professionally packed in really cool totes (we have always used the pre-dawn unattended delivery) and everything was really good quality. I was wary about ordering from them again though until I checked prices at the store since I assumed that a delivery service would be more expensive.

I'm not as careful a shopper price-wise as I should be given our diminished circumstances. I've always shopped based on quality, various organic and environmental concerns, and desired outcome in the kitchen. That said, I do try to shop seasonally, I'm not slavish about organic produce, especially when it starts costing twice as much as the greenhouse products, and I always stock up or buy in bulk when I see things on sale.

The second time I used AmazonFresh was this Wednesday. As I was sitting in my classroom getting progressively sicker, I realized there was no way I was going to be able to grocery shop for the dinner I was supposed to be making for Mainstream class the next night. So, while the students were working on an exercise, I opened a recipe for Chili Verde in one window, and AmazonFresh in another and scheduled the ingredients to be delivered the next morning.

This was the first time I had ordered meat from AmazonFresh (and I won't be making it habit since not much of their selection is organic or cruelty free--I was just desperate this time) and was very pleased with a pair of beautiful pork tenderloins. They also had everything I needed for cornbread and several different brands of canned green chili to choose from.

I now had enough receipts from other stores to start comparing things too.

Crimini Mushrooms 8oz (I don't usually buy the packaged ones, I was in a hurry that day)
Safeway--$2.79, AmazonFresh--$2.29

Bacon--Hempler's Natural Uncured
Madison Market--$7.99, AmazonFresh--$3.99

Red Bell Pepper
Safeway (green house grown non-organic)--$2.00, Amazon Fresh (organic)--$1.99

Ground Turkey
Madison Market 1.5lbs (fresh)--$5.19, AmazonFresh 3lbs (frozen)--$8.70

Pamela's gluten-free Chocolate cookies
Madison Market--$3.69, Safeway--$3.79, AmazonFresh--$3.35
(okay, so I admit I have a problem...the flu put a stop to it this week though)

Que Pasa Organic Corn Tortilla Chips
Safeway--$5.69, AmazonFresh--$4.22

Green Mountain Salsa
Safeway--$3.99 (with a safeway card, it is $3.59), AmazonFresh--$3.67

The soymilk we buy is a tiny bit cheeper on AmazonFresh than Madison Market, but more expensive than Trader Joe's (neither of us can remember what it costs at Safeway.)

AmazonFresh also carries Local products like Beechers Cheese and bread from the Essential Baking Company.

Besides the convenience of having the groceries delivered, there is another unexpected positive about ordering online. You see your total adding up as you go. It is a pretty sobering reminder of how much food costs and it is easier to jettison impulse buys or things that can wait till the next paycheck when you see the total before you are in the checkout line.

So, anyway, I did my actual grocery shopping online tonight. I wasn't feeling up to going to the store and it was that or leftovers all weekend. I ordered a lot of vegetables this time, so we will see how that goes. If it is anything like their past service, I suspect I will be more than pleased.

I would recommend anyone in the Seattle area give them a try. For people who carefully clip coupons and shop sales, it will probably only be useful for staples and specialty items, but for anyone who tends to shop by throwing what looks good in the cart, or who has special dietary needs like I do, it is a really great service.


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