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Puddletown is finally planning to purchase hearing assistance equipment to use at our dances.

Hilton stocks the Williams Hearing Assistance Products, but Hanhurst is pushing a product from SupremeFM that costs half as much, but I have no idea how compatible it is with other systems.

Does anyone have experience with or opinions about the various hearing assist options for square dances?
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On July 23rd, Domestic Partners will be able to register their relationships with the State of Washington. As I was reading the instructions on a brochure that was given out during Pride weekend, one thing stood out to me. The Declaration Form needs to be notarized. For most people, getting things notarized is a giant pain, and if they are anything like Ron and I, just needing to take the extra step of finding a notary will cause a lot of procrastination.

But getting the rights that come with being registered as Domestic Partners is too important to be put off by procrastination.

So, Saturday the 21st, from 7:00 to 9:30pm, Puddletown Squares will be hosting a Domestic Partnership Registration Event. We will have notaries ready to notarize your Declaration Forms, Wedding cupcakes (we'll have a full cake when we get full rights), and there will be music and Square Dancing for those so inclined.

What you need to bring:

Driver's License or Passport

A Declaration From (available starting July 16 from the Secretary of State's office in Olympia or online at )

An optional donation to Lambda Legal

We will be in the downstairs Parish hall at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in the Greenlake Neighborhood. at 111 N.E. 80th Street in Seattle.

Tell your friends, everyone is welcome! I hope to see you all there.


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