Jul. 27th, 2005 01:00 pm
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So, I just read on [ profile] genebreshears's journal about the police cordon downtown, and remembered what I was going to blog about on my way home from the grocery store.

I walked up to Trader Joe's (I need to write a "field guide to natural grocery store shoppers one of these days"...) for some groceries. I wasn't really feeling much like making a list, so I just went for cereal and crackers and the like. One the way home, there were flashing lights and fire engines blocking off the entire block between 20 and 22nd on Madison. They had yellow tape blocking everything off and and emergency vehicles and police cars everywhere. All this happened in the 15 minutes I was at the grocery store.

Now, this particular block is the only bad one left in the neighborhood. Madison is a major street and has been undergoing a huge amount of redevelopment. Just beyond the emergency lines is the huge Safeway/apartment complex that just went up, and when I first saw the flashing lights I was next to another huge complex that had just gone up. Our favorite Mexican restaurant, El Gallito, is right there on 20th and they just did a full remodel. In the block that is closed off, there is a huge , brand new Planned Parenthood, and across the street from it is one fairly legitimate tavern, and a couple buildings that get visited by the police enough that there is police parking in front of them. So, I thought in my usual crisis imagining way, there has either been a horrible shooting at the disreputable grocery store, or a bomb threat at Planned Parenthood.

It was neither. I heard the person directing traffic tell a bicyclist there was a broken gas main. The I went down Olive St behind Planned Parenthood and the smell of gas was really strong. I debated whether to turn the corner at 22th and go to Starbucks or not, but I wanted an iced mocha more than I was worried about a roaring fireball chasing me down the street.

By the time I turned onto 22nd, there was a helicopter full of local news ghouls overhead. How did they even find out that fast much less get a chopper in the air? I figured they were probably flipping matches out the window so they could get some good footage, but since they were in a helicopter, I figured my chances of getting my mocha safety would only be compromised if they were so busy trying to shoot zoom photos of people looking distressed that they ran into an apartment building.

So much excitement.


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