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Well, the big day is upon us. The movers arrive tomorrow and we are busily finishing up the packing.

The kitties started their spa vacation yesterday. It only took an hour and a half to catch them so they must be warming up to us finally. Alice traveled in a cardboard box rather than her carrier. She was okay with the whole pedicure-at-the-spa thing until we let it slip that they don't do french tips.

Speaking of the move, if you have an hour to haul a car load of stuff, or can help out cleaning at the new house over the next couple days, let us know. The movers will take all the heavy stuff, we just need help with the multiple loads of hand-carry stuff. We could especially use help cleaning the new house since it was basically abandoned by its previous owners, and truck-help hauling another load of outdoor stuff would be great as well since I underestimated how much crap I had collected for my someday pottingshed/greenhouse. Come to think of it, this house will need a lot of cleaning Wednesday evening.

But I'm not going to think about it, I will end-up curled in a corner in the fetal position.

Anyway, the home number will keep working, though it will go right to machine, and we usually have our cells on us.

Home: 206-860-9840

Troy: 206-321-4537

Ron: 206-295-1794

That is it till the new place...this computer is going in its box....
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Well, I made the mistake of falling for another house. I can't imagine what possessed me to suggest we go look at it. The lack of picture in the listing our agent sent is usually a bad sign. But something intrigued me anyway and off we went. (It didn't hurt that we had a long list of chores we were avoiding....)

The house itself turned out to be a mid-century custom home high on a hill in an older neighborhood in Kenmore. It had some boarded up windows, but in general seemed in good shape. We were not comfortable peeking in too many windows, even though it was clear the house was unoccupied so I don't know much about the interior. It is on a huge, sun drenched lot that slopes enough to give it a full daylight basement.

I didn't even sleep that night I was so excited about it. I did get the orchard and the fence plantings planned though.

Unfortunately, it is bank owned, so the only way to buy it is with a sizable down payment. Contingent offers need not apply.

I'm honestly not sure how how anyone buys a house. Contingent offers are just awful for both buyer and seller (there is no good reason for a seller to ever entertain one and about a million not to) and considering how quickly I fall for house, the only way I would deal emotionally with trying to buy a house on a contingency would be if I had not actually ever seen the house. I still think a lot about the house that [ profile] dehd found us last fall, and as it turned out, we were much further from being able to move then than we are now.

Apparently banks want 20% down now. We don't have 20 or 30 thousand dollars for a down payment and we never will, so I'm not sure what the next step is for any house, much less the one I make little hearts in my notebook over.
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So, having my Dad say, "The MG is yours if you want it as long as you have some place to keep it out of the weather" has been the catalyst for a change we have known we have needed to make for quite awhile now. We need a bigger place. Our house is 1000sqft and while we like it a great deal, we have completely outgrown it. Even doing a couple more purges of belongings (which we could stand to do) would not gain us much at this point.

Of course, the question still remains, move or remodel?

So, we made a list of things we want in a house:

  1. Room for both our offices to be in one room (right now I am in the second bedroom and Ron's office takes up half the living is a problem needing to fit two desks, a drafting table, and a piano in one room)

  2. a garage/work room

  3. Gas range

  4. Fireplace

  5. Outdoor living space

  6. guest bedroom

  7. Walking distance to store/coffee shop

  8. Vegetable garden

  9. Dance space

Now, some of these are just wish list items. Obviously, having space to square dance is not super high on the priority list. Some we have and know are important to us (the outdoor living space and being walking distance to a coffee shop.)

Some of these things we could get with a remodel, but talking to a friend who is an architect/contractor it sounds like more money/time/disruption that we are up for (we are talking putting in a second floor addition....) But, doing that would get us everything but the garage/workspace, vegetable garden, and dance space.

Of course, what started all this was getting a garage so we would still be missing a pretty big piece of our wish list.

We looked at two or three houses this weekend. Bad smells and tiny rooms seem to be a theme in our price range.

Of course, our current house is not ready to sell, so that is a drag on the process as well. We'll see I guess.


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