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Well, the appraisal finally came back with no strings attached as, "above value" so we are good to go. All the paperwork as gone to underwriting! Whohooo!

That is a huge relief. We have spent the last few days packing, though with the heat-wave moving across the PNW it is a pretty uncomfortable process.

The other thing we have been waiting for is a final financial accounting so we could budget (rather than just shop for) the appliances and hot water heater and if there is enough left over wood floors. Plus, we really want to pay off a bunch of our credit card. We gave up on being able to pay the whole thing off via the sale of our house a while ago, but it would be nice to get it back to where it was before we abused it so badly getting the house ready for sale (and we need the last little bit of room on it for the move itself.) Ron had run some numbers and came up with somewhere close to $10,000 which seemed reasonable since our house sold for $380,000 and the house we bought was $357,000. Not nearly as much as we thought we would have when we started this process, but still okay.

The most important goal that we have been talking about the last few days is to have a months expenses put away plus an emergency buffer, since the emergency buffer suffered much the same fate as our credit card in the run-up to the sale.

Our agent and the financial guy sent us the numbers today, and as it turns out, once you subtract all the money we had to pay the buyers of this house to settle their issues with the inspection, and pay all the other fees and charges and payments that just come with buying a house, we end up with, drum-roll please:


Like I told Ron, at least we have each other.
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So, lets see, the last update was here on Ron's journal. He has all the other updates linked so I won't repeat that effort.

I'm supposed to be packing, but that has been surprisingly hard to get started on. I think it is both because it seems really final, and because I am not looking forward to the house being topsy-turvey again after a few months of being able to walk around the house without having to turn sideways.

Everything is on track as far as this house. We were worried about the appraisal since it took eight days for the appraiser to make his report, but it came back "full value" so everything is trucking along there.

On the house we are buying, we had the inspection and it went well. Most of the things wrong (outside of the deck which was added onto by an addled monkey with a tool belt) were easy to fix and caused by poor maintenance rather than actual flaws in the house. The only major things were the hot water heater being at the very end of its life, and the roof only having a couple of years left in it. The aforementioned deck will take some work before we will let people walk on it, but there is nothing wrong that can't be fixed by someone willing to actually -read- a how to build a deck book.

So, now though, we are stuck on the appraisal of that house. The appraiser won't appraise it till some safety issues he identified are fixed, but since it is bank-owned, we have to buy the house as-is or the deal is off. Our real estate agents is trying to find out what exactly needs to be fixed in order to make the house appraisal worthy, but the appraiser is not being forthcoming with that info. We think we just need to have the electrical inspected (our inspector thought it was a good job so I don't know what the appraisers issue is) put a railing on the section of deck that doesn't have it (there is a 7 foot section that is five feet up without a railing...this is actually the least of the decks problems, but if it makes the appraiser happy...) and the doorway into the master bathroom needs to have a threshold installed since it is a trip hazard. But we can't do any of that till the appraiser says, "yes, that will satisfy things" and he/she was supposed to get back to our agent today but didn't. And, it is a little annoying to have to do work on a house we don't own in order to make it buyable when we already signed off on the inspection and we don't actually, you know, own the house.

So, once again we just have to wait. Hopefully not until it is too late the get the house closed on before we have to move out of here so we don't end up living in a culvert.

House hunt

Jun. 20th, 2009 08:24 pm
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We went house hunting again today and took pictures of the house we hope to put an offer on next week:

Here is the outside again. We forgot to take a picture of the back decks.

We measured the living room, dinning room, kitchen, entryway at the new house and it was 28' by 30'. Our current house, the entire thing, is 25' by 40'.

Our agent feels pretty confident that we will get an offer from the people he is showing the house to tomorrow, so we would be making our offer Tuesday.


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