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(note: I started this nearly a month ago, but since we are going to meet the guys tomorrow, I figured I better get this finished up and posted since Central Casting is going to give them different roles and with that dose of reality the Secret Hideaway of Dr. T—— may disappear as a location for my dreams...)


So, late Friday night, or, more properly, early Saturday morning, my subconscious sent down to central casting for the sets and characters it needed for a dream. Now, I am a big believer that dreams are the way our minds process our hopes and fears and things we don't understand, and that everything in our dreams stands for something we are trying to understand or come to grips with. Of course, I process the outside world in terms of patterns, metaphor, and analogy, so there isn't that big a difference for me (which, come to think of it, explains a lot.) I read somewhere that the people in dreams always represent some part of yourself which has always made a great deal of sense to me.

Anyway, central casting called down for a Triple. I'm not sure why, though my Dream Factory could have started with the stage set and then looked for archetypes to populate it, in which case its choice makes sense, at least as far as dreams ever do.... See, I know three triples. One, we will be rooming with in Denver. The second I have met and spent a day hanging out with and are a lot of fun. The third, while a bright spot in my online life, I only know through their Livejournals. So, of course, that is who my subconscious picks, mainly I suspect, exactly because I don't really know them, so they are easier to build into what ever my subconscious is working me through and/or trying to tell me.

So, enough back story. I now present for your edification and enjoyment,

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Believe it or not, I added very little to this. A couple of segues were added to make it flow better (the dark version of the mall was not that detailed in the dream) and I cut a bit about being stressed about not remembering Jerry's name since it had that dream non-liniarity to it and I couldn't make is make sense in prose. I couple things didn't make it in because even though they are really vivid to me, I don't remember them being in the dream (though I don't know where else they came from.) The mother cat (she is a white shorthair) sitting on the bar next to a martini glass, and the kittens bedded down in their new pink blanket in a box under the bar for instance.
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So, Ron and I have one of those Zen alarm clocks. It rings a single chime when the appointed hour to awaken arrives. The website describes it, "The Zen Alarm Clock's long-resonating Tibetan bell-like chime makes waking up a beautiful experience." It works really well since I can hardly wait to turn it off. I hate the sound of it. And what really wakes me up is the click it makes just before it chimes.

Anyway, when I am in a deep sleep, it really does work like advertised. It wakes me up, but only a little bit, and the second chime is the one that gets me out of bed (I dread the mornings when I am too tired to get up before it chimes the third time...*shudder*)

Anyway, this morning the first chime goes off, and I am immediately awake. I un-spoon myself from Ron and start to get out of bed, but [ profile] billeyler* rolls out of the other side and beats me to the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Ron starts muttering something and I can't understand him, so he has to repeat it, crankily, and all I can understand is that we are supposed to be going to an elegant dinner. Which makes sense, we are in Hawaii after all. Did I set the alarm wrong? I lay back listening for Bill to finish up in the bathroom.

And then the third chime went off and the morning proceeded much more normally.

* For those of you just joining the show already in progress, Bill lives in another state and has a partner. While I have met him in real life, I know him much better from LiveJournal. This was my brain on almost total random shuffle....


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