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In April, just in time for the first week of my spring break, we had a visit from [ profile] theoctothorpe

He'd been to Seattle before, so he had already done a bunch of the big touristy stuff, so we concentrated on seasonal and out of the way things to show him when we were out an about.

We took a day trip up to see the tulip fields in bloom.

Kung Fu tulips(I took this shot for [ profile] kung_fu_monkey)

Looking at tulips

Christopher has an enormous lens on his camera. He offered to attach it to my camera, but I was pretty apprehensive. It was so long and heavy. It took both hands to hold. It was really cool once it was attached though. I fired off some great shots:

Ron at the La Conner Brewery

Christopher at the La Conner Brewery

Between Christopher and I we pretty much shot Ron from every angle.

We also went up to Snoqualmie Falls. The falls were really running, so that was cool to show Christopher. We will have to go back in August so he can see what they are like in Summer.

Ron at Snoqualmie Falls

Christopher already blogged about Bearaoke at the cuff and our visit to the Woodinville Whisky Distillery with pictures and everything, so I won't repeat those.

We also had a great time out for dinner a couple of times. We went to Boom Noodle with [ profile] joebehrsandiego (they have a gluten free menu! I got to havePhở!) and to the Elysian Brewpub with he and [ profile] putzmeisterbear and [ profile] fogbear, [ profile] artstache and Stan. It was a great deal of fun, though I was completely lost as all the pop culture references flew around. I never know what other gay men are talking about. And I didn't even know that was physically possible. No, not that, I knew about that. That other thing. Ya, that one. Who knew?

Ron and Christopher enjoyed the beer a great deal. (I'm allergic which makes me very sad) We are collecting all the Beers of the Apocalypse for Christopher's August visit so he doesn't miss them.

Christopher will be back in August, so that will be a great deal of fun. He is on the west coast next week, but we just couldn't figure out how to bleed our budget of enough money to fly down and join him. Did you know that $59 dollar air fares to SF are a thing of the past? Its true. I guess I haven't looked at airfare for a long time.

Anyway, that is what is new and exciting from a couple months ago.

OH! And don't forget it is Christopher's Birthday today! Make sure you wish him a happy one!
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It is midnight on the other coast, that means it is [ profile] theoctothorpe's birthday!

Head over to his journal and wish him a happy birthday.

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Taken at Troy and Rons' House


May. 26th, 2012 04:28 pm
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Taken at Fred's Cut & Style
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Taken at Fred's Cut & Style
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I thought this was a super readable explanation of why grains are so bad for you (and note, that is -especially- whole grains.)

I put a big emphasis on reading people who know the difference between correlation and causation, and looking around her web site, she does not not seem quite as good about that (though she is not awful about it like some of the raw foods web sites…yeesh), but this particular article is stuff I have seen backed up in many places I think do a really good job of following current, quality research.


Apr. 30th, 2012 11:25 am
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Its worse than I thought.

My version Cinema4D will not work with Lion either. I guess I will give up even the fantasy of ever working in 3D.
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I discovered last week that Ron had upgraded to Lion without telling me.

Well. That won't do. So I finally got our backup system in place and yesterday I pulled the trigger on my own upgrade.

I come downstairs this morning and discover that my versions of Word and Excel (I can't remember how old they are, they were released to run on the first version of OS X so, 8 years old? Ten?) will no longer run on my computer.

I guess I need to learn to love google docs.
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How much trade in value would my twenty year old pickup have for one of these?

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Apr. 29th, 2012 06:48 pm
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Taken at Ikiiki Sushi Bar
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Over the last couple days (and years honestly, it just reached critical mass over the last couple days) I have run across several people who are unloading their CD collections by copying the CDs, then selling or giving away the CDs.

Doesn't the physical CD represent your legal right to have the music (or movie or what have you)? If you copy the CD to your computer, then get rid of the CD, doesn't the music become the equivalent of bit torrented playlist of pirated music? That seems like a risky thing to do to a large and spendy music collection.

I've been slowly copying our music, disposing of the packaging, then filing the CDs in a big book full of CD sleeves under the assumption that that was what you had to do to maintain your proof of legal rights to the music.

Ethically getting rid of the CDs if probably fine. Legally I'm not so sure.

Does anyone know?
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Taken at Kenmore Fitness Center
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Taken at Troy and Rons' House
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Taken at Troy and Rons' House


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