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Everyone who knows me knows that I am clear that days have dates. And that days are assigned days of the week. I am not good at combining the two. "Calendar challenged" is the kind term I use to describe this.

Thus, I knew that Brian, Kent, and Michael ( [ profile] bjarvis, [ profile] kent4str, [ profile] cuyahogarvr) were going to be dropping in on their way back from Vancouver, BC on the 3rd. I did not know it was going to be Tuesday. So I was quite surprised when I got a text from Ron saying they were 15 minutes away.

I was at work, so it would be a few hours till I got home. Ron kept them entertained, then I arrived home and collected hugs. They are looking great. Kent has a cute haircut that makes him look like a greying Dr. Quest. (Mmmmmm. Dr. Quest.)

The five of us (plus [ profile] theoctothorpe who was in my pocket providing commentary) went to Cactus in Kirkland for dinner. They have really good food and really good drinks, a gluten free menu, and choices for vegetarians. We read on the menu last time we were there that the chips are fried in the same oil as gluten containing items, so I stayed out of them. Sure enough, I didn't get sick this time. This did mean no convenient guacamole transport devices for me though.

After a huge dinner at which everyone ate far too much, there may have been Gelato. (Which I also didn't have...I will be nice and not name names of the people who did....)

It was very nice to see they guys. They need to move out here. We have a lot of rain, but we don't have high humidity or a need for air conditioners, or hurricanes, or insane amounts of bugs, and most people drive like there are other people on the road here. It seems like an obvious choice to me.
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